The Dublin Marathon is near. Are you ready?

Training is perhaps starting to pick up a notch by now, so are you starting to adjust your nutrition to support the demands of training? Even more importantly, are you adjusting your nutrition to give your body the best chance to recover properly for your next session?

Or are you just eating more and hoping for the best?

If you are hoping for the best, then you are not doing yourself or your training efforts any favours, and potentially running the risk of poor recovery, under training, and under performing on the day.

Down with that sort of thing!

If you are going to go to such efforts by running the race in the first place, then you may as well help yourself as much as you can, by dialling in your nutrition to help offset niggly injuries, poor recovery, and the dreaded DNF on race day.

We are delighted to announce the relaunch our Dublin Marathon nutrition program, NUTRITION 26.2, to take the guess work out of your nutrition and guide you week to week during your training, as well as optimising a nutrition and hydration strategy for the big day.


Nutrition 26.2 is a 12 week 'one foot after the other' nutrition program designed specifically for those participating in the Dublin Marathon on 27th October 2019.

Whether you are a first time entrant looking to cross the finish line in one solid piece, or a seasoned veteran making strides towards a course PB, then we can help you successfully achieve just that!

The program is run through our own web-based app (powered by CoachAccountable), where you will be provided with everything you need to succeed.


Each participant is provided with individualised feedback after an initial dietary and lifestyle analysis, and continuous assessments from your coach on a weekly basis to ensure your exact needs are met.

Why wing it on race day and risk cramp, fatigue, dodgy bowels, or even the dreaded DNF, when you can win it instead, by getting your nutrition on track well in advance, to ensure you hit the ground running in your training so you can cruise your way to that finish line on the day!


The marathon went like clock work.

I felt strong and in control throughout. I nailed it nutrition wise.


It's a great feeling knowing you have dialled in your nutrition throughout training and on the day. There was no guesswork and nothing left to chance.

Mission accomplished Karen, 3:14:12.

Martin Waters | Nutrition 26.2 Participant


Comprehensive Diet and Lifestyle Analysis

Initial Three Day Dietary Assessment

Bumper Packed Marathon Nutrition Manual

Goal Setting Guide

Specific Nutrition for Training and Rest Days

Nutrition Frequency and Timing

Tailored Macronutrient Breakdown (optional)

Supplement Recommendations

Race Day Preparation

Race Day Nutrition & Hydration Strategy

Recovery Strategy

Individualised Weekly Check-ins, Feedback, and Adjustments

Private Group with other Dublin Marathon participants


WEEK 1 of the nutrition program is assessment week.


To kick off, I will send you a Client Information Sheet to fill in. The purpose of which, is for me to understand your goals and needs, what nutrition programs or strategies you have tried before, what has worked, what has not worked, why, and ultimately to figure out what approach will work best for you from here on.

​This is also an important step of the process to help me gain a real insight into your current lifestyle and training routine, which will be invaluable when it comes to identifying current limitations that may hinder progress, so we can be confident that the changes we introduce are obtainable and they will get you across the finish line feeling your best.

Your homework from there will be to fill in a Three-Day Dietary Record for me so I can get a good feel for your typical diet and eating habits.

I will review and assess all the information gathered so far and decide from there what the next best step is for you to take.

​From there on, I will provide you with continual support and follow-up assessments throughout the program, so you can cruise your way to that finish line on race day.


Investment Options


The program costs less than €23 per week and is paid in 3 monthly instalments of €89.


Or you can pay the full amount in advance and SAVE €50.

If you have any follow up questions, queries or qualms, then please feel free to send me a message or an email and I'd be more than happy to chat with you.

PS DISCOUNTS available for running groups of 3+ runners. Simply send me a message or email for your discount options using the contact form below.


PPS Places are limited to 10 to ensure the highest quality service possible.

Pricing Plans

One payment (SAVE €50)

Total of €217

Three monthly payments of €89

Total of €267





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