An evidence based and "life is for living" approach to sports performance and advanced body composition nutrition coaching so you can feel, look, and perform at your ultimate best.


Feel Better. Look Better. Perform Your Personal Best.

Performance and sports nutrition is critical to enhance performance and recovery for both endurance, strength, and field sports athletes. Neglecting this aspect of your training will leave you under-performing, recovering poorly, and never reaching your true potential.

In a way, the field of sports nutrition is similar to fad diets and weight loss - they both fall victim to a myriad of marketing hype. There are as many myths and fallacies surrounding sports nutrition as there are with fad diets.

But don’t fret, PB Nutrition is here to dispel them all, and to provide you, the athlete, with all the necessary tools to design a diet for health, sports training and competition, optimal tissue maintenance, repair, and growth, so you can perform at your ultimate best!


At PB Nutrition, we are committed to helping you make a positive change so you can ultimately perform at your best. Whether your goal is increased health, improved body composition, or enhanced sports performance, we can help you achieve it. Our goal is to teach you exactly what good nutrition is and to find a balanced lifestyle that works for you by carefully evaluating your current dietary habits and subsequently formulating a personalised plan based on your specific needs so you can feel, look, and perform at your ultimate best.


2019 Dublin Marathon Nutrition Program

Why wing it on race day and risk cramp, fatigue, dodgy bowels, or even the dreaded DNF, when you can win it instead by registering for our 12 week 'one foot after the other' nutrition program, designed specifically for those participating in the Dublin Marathon on 27th October 2019, so you can cruise your way to that finish line on the day.



The aim of my seminars is to eliminate any confusion surrounding sports nutrition as well as give bucket loads of useful, practical, and applicable information that will transform your approach to nutrition in the best possible way, so you can start to feel, look, and perform at your best.

Keep an eye on my website for upcoming dates and venues. Or if you are a gym or health and fitness facility owner and would like to host PB Nutrition for a seminar or workshop then we would love to hear from you. Just send us an email and we'll take it from there!

“Working with Karen from PB Nutrition was a life-changing experience. The support I received was incredible. Since seeking Karen's help, my body feels more nourished, stronger, and just healthier overall. The end result being better performance on the pitch for rugby and off the pitch in my CrossFit gym. I couldn't recommend working with PB Nutrition more strongly!

Debs Kinsella



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